View Call Tools PCC Zapier Integration

Zapier is a 3rd party platform that enables no-code programming and integrations with many other 3rd party CRMs and applications.

This is a great option for anyone who is not a software developer who wants to setup integrations quickly for inbound or outbound data flow.

Our Zapier integration allows you to trigger Zaps from the following Call Tools events:

  • Contact created by an agent
  • Call Disposition saved by agent
  • Contact Disposition saved by agent
  • Call log created
  • Goal achievement saved
  • Calendar Event created
  • Opportunity created
  • Contact Tag added by an agent
  • Email sent
  • SMS sent or received
  • Note saved by an agent
  • Case created
  • Connector Button Clicked by an agent
  • Phone Number added to a contact by an agent
  • Email Address added to a contact by an agent

Some of the Zapier Actions available:

  • Update Contact
  • Create Contact
  • Do Not Call Contact
  • Set Contact as Ready to be called
  • Create Do Not Call List Entry
  • Tag a Contact
  • Bucket a Contact
  • Get Contact by ID
  • Get Call Disposition by ID
  • Get Contact Disposition by ID
  • Search Contacts by Phone Number
  • Search Contacts
  • Get last note by contact

And much more.

View Call Tools PCC Zapier Integration