Do I need to have a customer account to use the API?

Yes, you need a customer account to issue an API key. If you are not working with an existing Call Tools customer please inquire with developer support to get a developer account.

Is the API free to use?

Yes the API is free to use as long as you have a Call Tools account.

Do you have any client libraries available?

Currently we do not have any client libraries available for our API.

Where can we find API reference documentation?

You can find the REST API Reference here.

Can we increase the paging max results per page to download a large amount of data?

Most of our API endpoints have a max page size of 250 results. Some have a higher max where we have deemed it appropriate. While we cannot increase these maximums for every request we get we can consider your use case if you contact support.

Do you do add any custom features or custom code into the Call Tools core platform on request?

While we constantly receive feedback and requests from users of the system, we generally do not build feature requests as they come in. All requests and feedback are saved and considered based on the value they would bring to the platform as a whole and all customers and also how it fits into our roadmap for the near term.