Automations are a Call Tools feature which can be configured by users or software developers within the Call Tools web interface to trigger off of a certain object creation event. Once logged into Call Tools navigate by clicking on the “Data” link category then “Automations”.

How to configure automations

A simple or complex condition set can be configured that has to be met before the automation executes. ie. a specific users call, or a specific campaigns call, or a specific call disposition.

A series of actions can be configured for each automation execution such as sending a HTTP request, sending a email alert, or creating/updating objects within Call Tools.

Automation HTTP requests are sent server side.

Error logs for all HTTP requests sent by automations can be viewed in the Call Tools web interface or via the REST API endpoint:


While automations and automation HTTP requests can be configured via the REST API, the documentation is lacking considering the complexity of these endpoints, we highly suggest using the Call Tools web interface to configure these.

Automations can be triggered by the creation of the following objects:

  • Contact
  • Historical Call Disposition
  • Historical Contact Disposition
  • Call
  • Goal
  • Calendar Event
  • Opportunity
  • Contact Tag
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Note
  • Case
  • Connector Button Click
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address