Getting Started with Call Tools Integrations & App Development

Call Tools Developer API and Help Guide

The Call Tools Rest API, along with alternative integration resources, allows you to integrate with other services. You can also build custom apps and tools on top of the Call Tools platform.

What is the Call Tools API?

The Call Tools Application Programming Interface (API) consists of a REST API and various ways to send data outbound based on certain events within Call Tools such as REST Hooks, Automations, Connectors, and our pre-build Zapier integration for non programmers.

What can be built using the API?

Skys the limit when it comes to the what can be done with the Call Tools API. Our extensive API allows sending data in, updating settings, and querying data such as contacts, call logs, dispositions, agent activity, etc.

Some examples:

  • Updating your CRM
  • Data flowing in from a website or other source
  • Custom reporting tools

How do I get started?

First, you will need account access and then you can obtain an API key within that account. If you are already working with a existing Call Tools customer you can obtain account access from them in the form of manager login credentials. Once you are logged into the Call Tools platform you will obtain an API key by simply navigating to the API Keys page with the “Integrations” nav menu section.

We also recommend you read up on our API conventions and core concepts before getting started.


The primary integration point for Call Tools applications and integrations is the REST API.

This is a extensive API that allows all CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) for a variety of objects. The main API endpoints used by 3rd parties are:

  • /api/contacts/
  • /api/calls/
  • /api/historicalcalldispositions/

View Full API Reference Here


A simple method for subscribing to HTTP POST requests when certain object creation events happened in Call Tools.

More on Webhooks


Automations allow you to send outbound data using server side HTTP requests based on certain object creation events that meet certain conditions.

More on Automations

Connectors (aka Connector Buttons)

Connectors are agent dashboard buttons that can be configured to send a client side HTTP GET or POST request in the agents browser.

More on Connectors


Zapier is a 3rd party platform that enables no-code programming and integrations with many other 3rd party CRMs and applications.

This is a great option for anyone who is not a software developer who wants to setup integrations quickly.

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